Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Uprising: A photo essay on the events in Cairo

My brother Matthew, his wife Juana, and their two boys, Michael (age 10) and William (6) moved to a suburb of Cairo in August, so the events surrounding the city are important to me personally. This photo essay uses photos and sound captured by Time Magazine photographer Dominic Nahr to make a compelling and urgent account of the chaos on the streets of this enormous city. The screams, sirens, gunshots, and battle cries add a chill to the presentation that music and pictures would lack. The more senses that are engaged, the better. Typically photos and sound aren’t combined, but with the multimedia allowing for creative journalism, these sorts of packages are now frequent online. I took one video of Greg shining a shoe fairly aggressively but mainly stuck to still photos. If the opportunity for another video presents itself, it might be an interesting addition to the project.

Source: Nahr, Dominic. “The Uprising.” Magnum in Motion. 2011. Magnum Photos, Inc. Online.

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