Thursday, November 28, 2013

Letting the Subject Speak

In looking at the material I recorded from the interviews with Greg, I think I have enough to let Greg's words and ideas be the lone text in the photo essay. A few of the quotes will require the question to come before the text, and a few of the thoughts will need explanation without direction quotation. Other than that, my aim is to let Greg's words tell the story. This isn't a traditional piece of writing, so there is no need for me to formulate a grand presentation of the ideas. The images and quotations will be enough, with the possible exception of an opening paragraph to describe the subject of the story.

I am following the basic idea that Humans of New York prefers--to tell a mini-story with each picture, to let the character emerge, to keep an economy of words, to allow the image to stand forward. I hope it works.

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